ArtMoney Pro

Helps to make troublesome games a lot easier


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  • Category Board Games
  • Program license Full Version
  • Version 7.39
  • Size 1.79 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by System SoftLab

ArtMoney Pro is a background utility that works to tweaks game operations. This means that any quantifiable commodity within the game can be increased massively; be it health, ammo, lives, money or points. Even game experience points can be boosted.

ArtMoney Pro works to locate the memory address of the values of the desired quality, and then boosts it to the maximum. The programme is designed to find the hex address inside the game's memory files, but this is based on parameters input by the user. That means that the player must know or find the desired section of game programming in order tell the programme what to boost. If it all goes horribly wrong, could the player end up increasing his enemies' firepower and strength to infinite, one wonders?

ArtMoney Pro is a useful tool to help a player overcome that 'impossible' level by providing plenty of ammunition, unlimited lives, and lots of points. It also does not register on the high scores as having been artificially manipulated, so the player can take credit on the leader board for all eternity – or until someone else uses the same programme and beats their scored!

It is, however, a cheat. No matter how it is dressed up as 'enabling the tweaking of game options' or even 'quantity manipulation', ArtMoney Pro enables the player to cheat by cyber-stealing resources that should be earned in the game with skill, patience and time.

ArtMoney Pro works effectively, but it is not a very easy programme to use, meaning that gaming novices – who are more likely to need help completing those tricky levels – are equally likely to struggle with the operation of the software! More computer literate (from a programming and coding point of view) gamers will master the software more easily and enjoy unlimited resources within a host of their favourite games, but beginners will struggle immensely.

ArtMoney Pro does not work on online games as it needs access to the game's system and memory files.


  • Handy background utility to boost games achievements and make play easier
  • Works on a wide range of games
  • The high score system does not 'realise' the achievements have been manipulated
  • Handy for finally getting through that hard level!


  • It is cheating
  • It is not very easy for novices or inexperienced players to use
  • The desired value must be manually identified by the player before the software can boost the quantity
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